Another visit to A+E

I’m just back after another visit to the Accident and Emergency Department at Anytown Royal Infirmary.  The wonder that is NHS 24 told me to go there after my episodes of dizziness, absent mindedness and speech problems became more frequent: I had 6 within about 3 hours (I of course phoned NHS 24 and didn’t just use their website).

The doctor who saw me at A+E tonight remembered me from Saturday (she treated me, but I don’t remember) so that was good as it meant I didn’t have to go over the whole thing again as she remembered most of it.

Follow-up with Neurology to come as soon as possible, so should hear about that soon.

Fun times!

5 thoughts on “Another visit to A+E

  1. Oh cripes, this is awful Oliver. Let’s hope you get to the bottom of it quickly and it’s nothing too serious. What with your medical issues at the moment, Law Ingenue waiting to get through her exams to have her gall bladder out and No.634 getting shot, seems like the blawgosphere is an unhealthy place to be at the moment.

  2. I’m just glad that they decided not to admit me to hospital this time. I was bored out of my skull last time – and never really managed to sleep with them taking OBS or blood or sending me for X-rays etc. all the way through the night!

  3. Collapsed again today and was taken in by ambulance. So, that’s a third trip to Accident and Emergency in 5 days.

  4. cripes oliver- doesnae sound good. Anyhoo from what I hear anytown university is quite understanding in these circumstances- speak to your advisor and get a doctors note (just incase!) everything will be fine.

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