Collapse -?Cause

That is what appears on my discharge papers from Anytown Royal Infirmary.  I collapsed at work last night and was rushed to hospital.  Doctors have some ideas as to what is going on, but I need some tests as an out-patient to find out for sure.  They are pretty sure it is not cardiac in nature, but I’ve to get some cardiac tests just to be sure.  They think it is more likely to be neurological (specifically epilepsy) from my symptoms and history.

Great – more bad news!

4 thoughts on “Collapse -?Cause

    1. Lost,

      Thanks very much. I’m really quite scared about it all. It could turn out to be nothing seroius at all, but when the doctors are openly telling you that they think it is epilepsy rather than anything else it does scare you a little. Also, the fact that I have this 4 hour void in my life where I can remember nothing is a little scary.

      I’ve to have loads of tests done at hospital to get to the root cause of it all, os that’s something to look forward to (not).

      Not what I need with exams just 10 days away!

  1. Oh boy. Sorry to hear that Oliver! Like Lost says, let’s hope it turns out not to be too serious. Sod’s law though, coming at the worse possible time with exams and everything else (not that there is a ‘good’ time to collapse).

    Are the tests before or after your exams?

  2. The tests will probably come after my exams. I’m off to see the GP this afternoon to discuss it with him and what not. Had a spell of diziness and absent mindedness already today…not good!

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