Prout de jure is a blog dedicated to UK legal political and legal matters.  It aims to bring quality analysis and comment on a wide range of matters which have serious and far reaching consequences for the people of the UK.

It is written by Alistair Sloan who is a Solicitor in Glasgow.  Alistair holds an LLB (Hons) degree, a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and a Master of Laws degree.  His honours dissertation was titled ‘To Codify or not to Codify? An exploration of codification of the criminal law and a consideration of  whether Scotland should adopt a criminal code.’ His Masters dissertation considered the Information Commissioner’s use of his power to issue Monetary Penalty Notices for breaches of the Data Protection Act with a view to considering the incidents in which Data Controllers could expect a Monetary Penalty Notice as possessed to other forms of regulatory penalty.

Legal Advice

Nothing written on this blog should be relied upon as legal advice and should not be used as a replacement for proper legal advice tailored to your sepecific circumstances.

Prout de jure

Prout de jure is a general proof of facts and circumstances according to law.  It appeared to be a fitting title for the blog given the purpose that it exists for.