Things very busy here; between work, studying and trips to A+E I don’t have much time to myself let alone to blog.  Hopefully things will calm down next week once my exam is out of the road.

Work are being less than helpful/supportive over my recent health issues – they were so kind as to issue me with a verbal warning for “unacceptable attendance” the other day.  How nice of them:  I collapse on their premises (twice), get taken away by ambulance to A+E (twice) and get admitted to hospital (once) and they discipline me.  My ability to sense injustices is itching to do something about it, but I’m not sure that I have the energy to fight a company that makes billions of pounds profit every year and seems to consistently penalise those who are genuinely off ill while those who pull “sikies” frequently get off with it…I should be careful what I write just in case the big evil corporation comes along and decides to track me down and discipline me for bringing them into disrepute.