The Unhappy Triad

The unhappy triad is an injury mostly associated with contact sports such as American Football and Rugby.  However, it is the latest diagnoses that has been attached to my damaged knee, this time following a comprehensive examination by a very highly qualified physiotherapist.

Essentially, what this means is that when I fell on the ice I have torn my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial meniscus cartilage and medial collateral ligament (MCL).  If this diagnosis is correct (which it probably is as all the symptoms match what I am currently experiencing) then when I pay a visit to the surgeons on 16 April I will undoubtedly be told that I’ll need surgery and the recovery time could be up to 12 months!  Which is fantastic when I take into consideration that my work is already trying to discipline me for my “unacceptable level of attendance” following my recent absence due to my knee (which was almost 3 weeks in total).

A tear to the ACL leaves the knee unstable.  Without the ACL the knee looses its ability to maintain normal function, and causes episodes of buckling (something which I have experienced quite a bit since the accident).

The Meniscus cartilage provides a cushion and reduces friction and stresses on the bones.  It can cause swelling, pain and popping or catching sensations in the knee (again, something I’ve experienced quite a lot of since the accident).

The MCL provides some stability to the knee joint.  An MCL injury produces pain, some instability, decreased range of motion and swelling (again, all things I have experienced since slipping and falling awkwardly on the ice).

So, from that information it looks highly likely that this is what I have done to my knee and was not the news I wanted to hear.  I’m still living in hope that this is not the case.  Oh yeah, and despite being told repetedly by various healthcare professionals that I need crutches, I have been unable to get a set!

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