One thing that really concerns me is people who assert to being competent and expert drivers, but then go on to give dangerous advice to someone who says that they are a learner driver (not taking lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor).

This post comes from a post on an internet forum, yes it is the internet and people lie, but some people also believe what they read on the internet! A young learner driver who is not taking lessons with an ADI asked a number of questions, including “when should I check the blindspots?” A number of people gave good and correct advice. However, one particular person (who said in response to someone telling them that they are wrong “I am a very competent and safe driver and know what i am talking about”. Essentially this prats advice was:

On normal roads do check your blindspots – but on motorways don’t. When you’re travelling at 70mph, taking your eyes of the road for a second is extremely dangerous. Motorway driving is about mirrors. Constantly checking your mirrors tells whose around you at all times, and you see the cars entering your blind spot through your mirrors – if you haven’t checked for a while, don’t change lane until you are sure. Looking over your shoulder and the car infront suddenly brakes would generally mean death.

This advice is very, very, very dangerous. Not checking your blindspots when changing lanes on a motorway is very likely to cause an accident (as he did rightly point out accidents on the motorway are likely to end up being fatal because of the speed at which the vehicles on the carraigeway are moving). This is one of the fundamental things taught in the basic ‘L’ test (although learner drivers are not permitted to drive on motorways, driving instructors iwll usually teach basic motorway theory along with dual carriageway driving as it’s almost exactly similar).

The Instutute of Advanced Motorists state in their book “How to be an Advanced Driver” in the section on motorway driving on page 67:

Glance briefly over your shoulder before changing lanes.

I’m sure none of you reding my blog who drive need reminding of the need to check the necessary blindspots before moving off from the side of the road and changing lanes. I just had to blog quickly about this as safe driving is something I’m very keen on promoting and I hate people asserting things to be safe when in fact what they are asserting is highly dangerous.