Well, the plan explained in my last blog entry has taken a major dent. It all hangs in the ballance.

As I will be a part-time student next year (not what I really wanted, but the only realistic way of doing it so that I can stay at university and still meet all the requirements I need to go on and get my professional accreditation) the university are unable to offer me accommodation. It had been my plan to stay in university accommodation for my third year (this was before it became apparent that I’d be repeating part of my second year).

Now because of the number of hours I will be at uni over the course of the next year (108 hours of classes) I am no longer available for a council tax exemption. This means that all student accommodation is pretty much off limits (although one of the private companies is looking into it and will get back to me next week).

The wages that I will earn (plus the small amount of money my parents can afford to give me) will not be enough to covere food, travel, bills and rent in the private sector. This means that I could be forced into leaving university because I do not have anywhere to live close enough to the university in order to continue studying there!

As you can imagine, I am pretty gutted.