Decision Time

So, if you have read my blog over the last two weeks you will know that I was in two minds about whether to continue at university. Well, today I have had a meeting with two members of senior academic staff at the university and we discussed all of my options.

The agreed plan of action is that I will sit just one of my outstanding modules in August (this particular exam is 4 weeks today). I will then return in September to complete my outstanding modules as a part-time student. Assuming I pass the exam in August I will be sitting two modules in the first semester and one in the second next year. Providing all this goes to plan and I pass all 4 modules between August and September 2009 I will be able to progress to third year and continue my degree. We spoke briefly about the future and providing I fill in all the correct paperwork and pass each exam (well) when I sit it over the course of the next year there will be no problems in progressing in the legal profession (should I choose to do that) – after all it will look like I passed each exam in one sitting.

The only downside is that I will need to pay for next year, but the fees are not all that expensive (£887.50 if I don’t pass my exam in August or £665 if I do). My mum started flapping about this (she didn’t even give me a chance to tell her how much it would cost). Essentially I should be able to cover the fees myself from my wages (being a part-time student will mean that I’ll be able to work more hours than I would normally). The fees can also be paid in three instalments meaning that I should never need to pay more than £300 of fees at anyone time.

All is nearly sorted and I am much happier (and less stressed). Now all I need to do is get the doctor to give me a note for the exam board.