If you are going to help me…

I found this in my pigeon hole at my voluntary job and thought I’d share it with you.

If you are going to help me
Please be patient…
While I decide if I can trust you.

Let me tell my story.
The whole story… In my own way.

I am not “a” person
I am “this” person;
Unique and special.

Don’t judge me as right or wrong;
Good or bad.
I am what I am
And that’s all I’ve got.

Don’t assume…
Your knowledge of me
Is more acurate than mine
You only know what I told you.
That’s only part of me.

Don’t ever think…
That you know what I should do
…you don’t
I may be confused but I am still
The expert about me.

Don’t place me in a position of
Living up to your expectations.
I have enough trouble with mine

Please here my feelings;
Not just my words.
Accept all of them.
If you can’t, how can I?
Don’t save me. I can do it myself.
I knew enough to ask for help,
Didn’t I?