EU Referendum

Conservative Party donor Stuart Wheeler will later go to court to argue against the United Kingdom Government’s decision not to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Mr Wheeler, a millionaire, won the right to a judicial review of that decision.

Mr Wheeler argues that the public had “a legitimate expectation” of a referendum. The Lisbon treaty was born out of the failed EU Constitution. Many argue that the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitution identical to one another in almost all except name.

A referendum on the treaty was promised time and time again by the Blair administration and many hoped that Brown would reverse Blair’s later decision to not hold a referendum, but he didn’t.

The Government has confidence in its case which it will present to the Court during the review, which is scheduled to last two days.

Only one EU country is getting a vote on the treaty, Ireland. The Lisbon treaty could go the same way as the Constitution if Ireland votes against the treaty.