Mugabe’s push to win run-off

The situation in Zimbabwe is continuing to get worse. In an attempt to win the presidential run off Mugabe is using force to scare the opposition. There are “disappearances” of opposition supporters happening all the time. The bodies of these people are starting to turn up, like that of Tonderai Ndira. Mr Ndira’sbody turned up in one of the capital’s morgues a fortnight ago.

Mr Ndira had been beaten so badly that he had a crushed skull and was unrecognisable, he had been shot in the chest, his eyes had been gouged out and tounge cut out (it is unknown in which order this happened)

Mugabe is torturing and terrorising the citizens of Zimbabwe just so that he can cling onto power and destroy the country even more tha he already has.

The man is vile and his actions are some of the most abhorrent.