Nat Fraser Appeal

It has become clear that Lord Gill (The Lord Justice Clerk), Lord Johnston and Lord Osborne will announce their decision early next week on the appeal by Nat Fraser. Fraser was convicted of the Murder of his estranged wife, Arlene Fraser, in 2003. Her body has never been found.

This is one of the most notorious cases in Scotland in recent times. Fraser was bailed in the latter part of 2007 pending his appeal hearing, but was returned to custody shortly after its conclusion.

The Advocate Depute who prosecuted Fraser made the appearance of Arelene’s engagement, wedding and eternity rings in the bathroom of her house several days after she vanished the cornerstone of his case However, new evidence has come to light that suggests two police officers saw the rings in Arlene’s house shortly after she went missing.

According to the Scottish Court Service Website the opinion is due to be delivered on Monday 5 May 2008 with the full judgement being made publicly available through their website on 6 May 2008.