I’m going to fail

The Exams are fast approaching. I have been studying hard for the past two and a half weeks and I feel that I’m no further forward with it.

I think I’ve got the hang of something so I leave it and move on to something else, then a few days later when I return to it I have forgotten half of it. It just doesn’t seem to be sticking in my head. I’ve tried past-papers and my mind just goes blank.

4 modules, 12 weeks, 42 topics and 1300 pages of notes, cases and statutes and only 1 topic has been ruled out as non-examinable leaving 41 topics! The volume is insane; I’ve tried to cut it down to learning just 20 topics (5 from each module). I do about 8 hours worth of revision each day and it’s still not doing any good, if I do anymore in a day I’ll go crazy.

Maybe I’m not cut out for uni after all?