Update: Glasgow GP Stabbing

It has been reported today that Ian McGregor was “insane” (this is a legal concept) at the time which he attacked Dr Jackson in her Surgery in Glasgow.

Last week Judge Lord Carloway agreed with Defence Counsel’s submission that he was unfit to plead as a result of a stroke and ordered an examination of the facts to take place.

Today Lord Carloway has sent Mr McGreggor to Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow for psychiatric treatment and is considering whether to grant a restriction order without limit of time for the safety of the public.

It was revealed during the examination of the facts that Mr McGreggor believed he was the victim of a conspiracy by Dr Jackson and other doctors. He also believed that the Physiotherapist at Rangers Football Club (Dr Jackson’s husband) and his own Defence Counsel, Donald Findlay QC, were part of the conspiracy.

Mr McGreggor was originally charged with attempted murder, but this charge was reduced at the end of the examination of facts to a charge of assault to danger of life.

Lord Carloway said:

There is no doubt that at the time of the offence Mr McGregor was suffering from delusions and this had an effect on his reason.

However, he was able to function at some level. He made his way to the surgery having armed himself with a knife. He engaged in an apparently normal conversation before saying: ‘This is your end’ and repeatedly stabbed her with a knife.

The court feels it has no alternative but to accept the conclusion that on the balance of probability Mr McGregor was insane at the time. The court acquits him on the grounds of insanity.