Daily Depression Update

Today’s been a mixed one.  I’m currently signed of work because of the depression so have had the whole day to myself rather than being at work.  I’ve noticed some patterns from my last serious episode of depression including not eating properly (I’ve not had a single meal today, just survived on snacks and junk food) and I’ve slept for a large part of it.

I have managed to get out today, a short trip on the bike down to PC World to get some CDs only to get there and realise I’d left my wallet in the house, but apart from that I’ve not been over the door.

To avoid getting our electricity cut off and debt collectors turning up at the door I’ve had to pay £148.07 because two people living here at the moment have failed to pay their share of the electricity bill so I’ll be having it out with them when they get back from holiday.  This is money I can’t really afford to spend, but I can’t afford to be without electricity as well.  The real worry is that both intend on moving out when they get back from holiday so getting the money off them could be interesting.  If all else fails, I’ll have to rely on the small claims court.

I’ve not really managed to do any studying today for my forthcoming exam.  I just don’t have a concentration span long enough at the moment.  Am I ever going to get out of second year?  Maybe I’m not meant to, maybe I’m correct in thinking getting into Law School was a fluke and this is it.  Maybe I’m never meant to get out of second year?

Anyway, off to bed.  Will try and get the motivation to go to Church tomorrow, would be good to speak to one of the pastors about what’s going on.