Orthopaedic surgeons

Yesterday afternoon I saw the Orthopaedic surgeons at Anytown Royal Infirmary about my knee. I still don’t know what’s wrong with it. They pulled it around like every doctor has done so far (which caused me great pain), asked me lots of questions, did a few different scans and told me I would have to contact my GP to find out the results of the scans and whether they would be recommending surgery or not. Apparently it could take up to two weeks for the results to come through…great!

I’m still getting a lot of pain and I’m still taking pain relief (but not as frequently as before) and my knee still randomly gives way whilst walking.

2 thoughts on “Orthopaedic surgeons

  1. Bad news about the knee, Oliver. Waiting for results is always tough but hope you get it sorted out quickly.

    Are you still working at the moment?

    1. I’m back at work. My knee gave way whilst coming down the stairs today, so I feel down the 5 or 6 remaining stairs that I had to get down. Will be fund tomorrow when the accident’s from today are read out at tomorrow afternoons Manager’s meeting!

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