Property Problems

The house I’m currently renting is owned by a company which is managed and run by two couples (Couple A and B).  Couple B is buying Couple A out.  Up until now couple B have taken on more of a backseat in the business and only really get involved when couple A are not around.

With this news one of my housemates has decided that he is going to buy somewhere and has started the process of purchasing a flat.  The other two will move out as they can’t live together without another friend to mediate between the two of them.

So, there is a lot of uncertainty about where we will be in 6 – 8 weeks time.  All of this has come in the middle of exam time and represents added stress that I really do not need right now!  Our lease is due to run out in August, so who knows how this will transpire.  I am so glad now that I actually paid attention in my property law module!