It’s been a while again since I last posted anything here.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to blog between work and the mounting pile of revision that I have for my upcoming exams (only 4 weeks to go).

My exams in January are Contract and Property.  I have remembered
more about the former than I had thought (which is always good!)

A couple of you have asked how my talk went at my voluntary work regarding Legal Issues for Children and Young People.  Well, the answer was that it went very well.  There were around 20 people there, all of whom had lots of questions (some very complicated ones, which I was unable to answer on the spot).

I’ve also recently been to court a couple of times.  On one occasion it was another day of shadowing a Procurator Fiscal Depute and on another occasion it was shadowing a Defence Solicitor (both at Anytown Sheriff Court).  Both days were fascinating and once again, I came away from both with more enthusiasm and knowledge.

I’ve also had a few problems with my Asthma which have resulted in a number of trips to the Accident and Emergency Department at Anytown Royal Infirmary, but that seems to be settling back down again.

I should probably wrap this up here and get back to restrictive covenants (they joys!)