Well it has been very busy recently; mainly with work (working full time and studying part time has its disadvantages).  Although, I’m not complaining about work too much as I’ve had some perks that full time work gives you (other than the large monthly pay) such as getting to spend 5 days away from work at a course at a lovely 4 start hotel (we were also staying there and it is a very nice hotel in deed) – okay the course was boring, but I’m not complaining about a 5 day expenses paid trip to a nice hotel!

Outside of work things have been going well too.  Just about finding time to do some uni work should probably start thinking about preparing for the January Exams (given that I’m unable to attend more than a few lectures across the semester).  The new place is also going well – getting along with everyone (which is always a bonus).

Returning to work briefly I’ve officially began training as a manager with the supermarket chain with which I work (only just last week).  I am hoping to have completed the training in time to grab myself a PT managers job at a new store they are opening close by in August next year (thus allowing me to be a manager and return to full time education – the extra money will come I handy).

Health wise things have been going well as well.  Following my recent annual Asthma review it was decided that we’d try me off my medication for a month, which has been going well (this is fantastic news considering all the problems I had with my Asthma during my early teens).  I’m almost off the Antidepressants as well – the doctor is looking to cut out the final one altogether in the New Year!

That is a brief run down of what has happened in my absence.  I’ve missed blogging and can’t wait to get back into it!