I used to be very fit and healthy.  I swam competitively in my local swimming club (and won medals at local, regional and national level).  Then, my health took a turn for the worst (asthma) and I was frequently being carted off to hospital in the back of an ambulance.  In the end I had to give up the swimming.  My fitness levels began to drop.  I was still eating healthy and balanced diet.

Then I came to uni and I’ve put the weight on.  I wouldn’t say that I’m all that fat…I just have a bit of a belly (although having calculated my BMI I am overweight).

So I’ve decided that I am going to get fit and healthy again.  I have intended to join the gym for over a year.  However, I’m quite self-conscious and the gym doesn’t really appeal to me.  Again, my self-consciousness is preventing me from getting back in the pool.  I wont go out running, because people will see me (self-consciousness again).  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it (not sure where all this self-consciousness has come from, I used to be a very confident person).

While I work out ways that I can exercise (and vary it) in private I am going to start eating a balanced diet again.  This is not the first time that I have said all this, but in order to try and encourage myself I am going to chart my progress on my blog.

Sorry, that was not very interesting and these “updates” probably won’t be very interesting either!