Now, the regular readers of this blog will know two things (among many other things):

1.  I’m a Law Student who might wish to study Medicine once done with the Law
2.  I’ve suffered from clinical depression

Now, medicine is still something I wish to pursue following my Law degree.  However, a number of people (including my parents) have told me to forget any ideas I may have had of going on to do Medicine because I now have a history of mental illness.

I’m starting to doubt myself now (having been adamant that it wouldn’t affect me) whether I’d ever be classed as fit to practice given my medical background.  None of my family are doctors (in fact none of my family even have a university degree), so it would be stupid t automatically assume that they ar correct.  However, I’m beginning to doubt myself.  A quick search on google has revelaed nothing useful.  So, does anyone know the answer?  Would I be barred from becoming a doctor in the UK because I’ve suffered a severe bout of clinical depression (seen by a psychiatrist) in the past?