Mckinnon loses appeal

Gary McKinnon, who hacked into US military computers to discover evidence of UFOs, has lost his appeal against his extradition to the United States of America.

I have issues surrounding this case.  Of course he must be prosecuted and serve a sentence in America. Where my issues lie are with the handling of the case. The United States of America have indicated that this could be dealt with under anti-terrorist laws.  This could make McKinnon liable to a stay in Guantanamo Bay and also a very long prison sentence (of up to 60 years), very disproportionate to the crime.  It is utterly preposterous to even consider dealing with this case under anti-terrorist legislation.  Clearly his intentions were not terrorist related.  Had they been, surly the US would not have tried to broker a deal with him which would have seen him serve a few years in a British prison! (after all he has admitted the crime).

The US alleges that he deleted critical files from the system, but what use would this serve to McKinnon?  His intention was to fid evidence that the United States was covering up information on UFOs, not to damage the national security of the United States.  Of Course McKinnon denies these allegations.

Could the United States just want to make an example out of him?  That is very probable.  McKinnon’s crimes took place at a time where the United States was still vulnerable following a terrorist attack – how can a man from the UK hack into the US Military computers shortly after a terrorist attack?  It must have been embarrassing for a Government trying to convince it’s people that it will protect them from the terrorists.

It has also been reported that US officials have allegedly said that they want to see McKinnon fry.

McKinnon intends to take his fight to the European Court of Human Rights.

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  1. Spot on. This does not seem to have any association with terrorism at all. I’d be interested in knowing how it all gets resulted..

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