Update: Reconsidering my life (again)

I have finally managed to contact someone at the university at which I study who is able to help (it being the holiday, most members of academic staff are on holiday). She was really supportive and is looking in to what can and cannot be done according to university regulations. A number of options were briefly discussed:

  1. Suspend my studies until September, going back and completing those modules I have yet to achieve as a Part-time student (she needs to check out the feasibility of this option though)
  2. give the exams a shot in August and see if I can pass three of them (I can carry a maximum of one module forward)
  3. Do some of the modules now in August and re-take those modules that I don’t pass again next year (again, the feasibility of this needs to be checked out)

I’m just hoping that when the time comes for me to apply for my Diploma in Legal Practice (essential if I want to practise as a lawyer in Scotland) as although I have passed one of the professional exams this year (Commercial Law) I only achieved a C for the module (on a grading from A – F with A – D being pass grades).

Anyway, no point in worrying about these things just now, I can discuss this with those that know best next week when I meet with them to discuss the options available to me.

To those that commented and E-mailed thank you, your support/advice has been of great help (sad I know, but blogging here over the past 6 months has really helped me re-engage with who I was before I became ill)