Re-considering my life (again)

I have four exams to sit in August. None of these exams is a re-sit in the classic sense. Over the past year I have been having a lot of health problems (severe depression). I am better now. As a result of these health problems I did not sit my exams in January and was granted Mitigating Circumstances. This means that I now have to sit my exams in August as a first diet. The helath problems were still affecting me slighhtly in May and failed one of my exams then (I have been granted Mitigating Circumstances for this one as well)

If I do not manage to pass these then I will have to re-do second year, something which I cannot afford financially (if I was in this position I would have to seriously consider my place at university).

My health problems caused me to miss a lot of university during the first semester as a result my notes are rather lacking. It also means that instead of just revising I have to learn most of the course for the first time (which in the short space of time over the summer is a lot)

My university lecturers, with the exception of one (who happens to also be my advisor and as such is privy to exactly what went on and knows just how difficult this last year has been for me), are being less than helpful when I ask them for assistance.

I am now doubting whether I will be able even scrape a pass in these exams. I am questioning, for about the third time, my ability to get through university and pursue a career as a graduate.

An opportunity has come up which I am giving serious consideration to. This option is to pursue my management training in the large supermarket chain that I work for. Should I undertake this, I could be appointed to a manager’s job anytime within the next 6-9 months. The management in the store believe that I have the ability to progress quite far quickly in the company. As I’ve said I am seriously considering this. I know that should I chose this option, my parents will be upset (possibly even angry).

What to do? I only really have a maximum of a week to make this decision.