The Week so far

This week has had so many ups and downs and yet it’s only Tuesday!

I had a day off yesterday as my only lecture of the day was cancelled – lecturer is away at a something or other to do with Human Rights in the most unlikely of places…China! So, having a day off I thought I’d have a lazy morning and get up around lunchtime…only to be rudely awakened my the calendar on my phone reminding me that I had my annual asthma check-up to go to (which I’d completely forgotten about!)

On getting home from that it was already 11am and I was too awake to go back to bed so I got stuck into some revision and research and eventually got something to eat at around 3 O’clock. Checked my E-mail to see hat I had a response to one f my queries about Graduate entry into medicine and was pleasantly surprised when the e-mail didn’t say “No. Go away!” (or something to that effect). Although, that one is the only one I’ve had a response to.

Today wasn’t as productive. I woke up having missed a lecture and supposed to have been sitting in a classroom somewhere in a tutorial about Tribunals (which was kind of silly to miss since I missed the lecture on the subject and it happens to be the topic of the coursework). Oh well, thankfully I have friends who don’t sleep through lectures and will allow me to borrow notes. I really must start planning my days better to avoid still sitting up at 4 in the morning reading some textbook on something rather boring.

Just as I was about to go and do some work my friend arrives at the door wanting to talk. Turns out she did something that she probably shouldn’t have last night (in case she reads this I’d better not tell you what it is or I’ll have to face certain death)

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. I think I might lock myself in the library after my lectures are over – that way I’m sure to get some work done…

On the whole medicine front I will now have the fun task of brining the subject up with my mum and dad. It’s not been mentioned by me to them for about 4 years, so this may come as a bit of shock to them (especially given my enthusiasm and passion for the Law) – I should have probably mentioned it when I started thinking about it again. They are really hard to convince sometimes that I’m not doing something on a whim! My dad is probably going to be most surprised (and the most difficult to convince). I have a feeling my mum might be expecting it as I frequently have in depth discussions with her about medical things. This could be interesting…