Prout de Jure in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close; here are the top ten blog posts published on this blog during 2013:

1. ECHR, International Law and Abu Qatada (published: 10 March 2013)
2. Police Scotland and Freedom of Information (published: 25 March 2013)
3. Changes to FOI in Scotland from 31 May 2013 (published: 23 May 2013)
4. Changes to FOI in Scotland approved (published: 17 January 2013)
5. Prison, prisoners and Prison Conditions (published: 3 February 2013)
6. Is it the case that the Complainer clearly lied? (published: 11 September 2013)
7. ‘Thinking time’ and Freedom of Information (published: 25 January 2013)
8. Abolition of corroboration: where is the case? (published: 14 November 2013)
9. Transparency in the Reporting of FOI requests (published: 19 August 2013)
10. FOI and requests for documents (published: 13 April 2013)

A mixed bunch of articles there.  In early 2014 (January 13th to be precise) this blog will enter into its seventh year (!) and I look forward to putting out onto the internet more of my thoughts and opinions on whatever takes my fancy.  Thanks to all who come and read this blog (although I don’t know why), and have done over the years.

Wishing you all the very best for 2014!