Some tweeters to follow in 2013

I have had the great pleasure of following so many amazing and interesting people on Twitter and below are some of my recommendations of who you should follow in 2013 if you don’t already follow them:

The Prison Lawyer (@theprisonlawyer) – a regular tweeter who more often than not has interesting things to say.  He tweets about a wide range of things and is passionate about justice.  He has taken to the internet this year and been to ‘Twitter Jail’ over his support for #protestforjustice.  His tweets are informative.  He took a few small steps into the world of blogging in 2012 and I hope we’ll see more blogs from him in 2013!

Adam Wagner (@Adamwagner1) – a tweeting and blogging Barrister with a focus on Human Rights.  Tweets are always interesting and informative.  He’s very good ate challenging the human rights myths told by the mainstream media.  If you want a true understanding of Human Rights in the UK then Adam’s definitely a good person to follow.

Paul Gibbons (@FOIManUK) – Paul works for a University dealing with Freedom of Information.  His blogs and tweets from the practitioner’s point of view are interesting and informative.  He has done a lot to help try

Claire Mitchell (@madisonmitchel1) – tweeting Scottish Advocate who specialises in Criminal law.  Interesting and insightful tweets

The Firm (@TheFirmOnline) – Account operated by Steven Raeburn, Editor of the Firm Magazine and Social Media trainer.  An excellent sources for news about what is happening in the world of law.  The Firm is always the first place I check for the latest legal news

The Custody Sergeant (@TheCustodySgt) – An anonymous custody sergeant working somewhere in England who tweets and blogs about policing.  His tweets and blogs often present an interesting and informative alternative to what is presented in the news.  It’s clear from his tweets and blogs that he is passionate about policing and has a great deal of compassion.

Love and Garbage (@loveandgarbage) – interesting and often amusing tweets and blogs.  He is also an expert on the pronunciation of scone.

Tina McGreevy (@tinamcgreevy) – always interesting tweets.  Passionate about justice and very vocal on twitter about #Protestforjustice

Waqqas Ashraf (@DefenceAgentWA) – first year trainee solicitor in Scotland.  Passionate about justice and another active and vocal person in the #protestforjustice.  Great guy to tweet.

Jon Baines (@bainesy1969) – Another FOI and Data Protection tweeter.  He writes great blogs on information rights and vocal about the protection of FOI rights.

Prison Chaplain (@hmp_chaplain) – Interesting tweets about life on the inside from the point of view of a prison chaplain.  They’re important people inside our prisons and the Prison Chaplain’s tweets often get me thinking about things that I might not otherwise have considered.

Ollie (@dietjustice) – blogs and tweets about law, policing and politics.  His tweets and blogs are interesting and informative and can get a good discussion going.

Brian Inkster (@BrianInkster) – another Scottish legal tweeter.  He was the first Scottish solicitor to use twitter.  Tweets and blogs about interesting things and is a decent guy.  Uses twitter and social media in innovative ways.  Can’t wait to see what he and his firm @Inksters will come up with in 2013!

Tim Turner (@tim2040) – another FOI and DPA tweeter who is worth following if you have an interest in FOI or Data Protection.  He knows his stuff!

Deborah Dillon (@infogovgeek) – A Scottish information governance tweeter.  I’ve enjoyed tweeting her this year.

There are many more tweeters who I have enjoyed tweeting and/or reading their tweets during 2012.  If I listed them all here it would be far too long so these are just some of my favourites!  Watch out for my first #ff of 2013 where even more of my favourite tweeters will get a mention.

That’s all from me on this blog for 2012 and I’ll see you all in 2013 with more blogs on law and politics in the UK!