Andy Coulson Charged

At 06:30 this morning officers from Strathclyde Police’s Operation Rubicon detained Andy Coulson under Section 14 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 in London.  He was then driven to Govan Police Office in Glasgow to be questioned in relation to allegations that he perjured himself at the perjury trial of former MSP Tommy Sheridan.

Coulson arrived in Glasgow at just before 15:30 hours and it was revealed that he was released on undertaking from Govan Police Office at 21:30 having been charged with perjury.  No date has been given for when he will first appear in court, but that will be in the near future.

This is a big development and will be of interest to Lord Justice Leveson and his inquiry.  Lord Justice Leveson will, as will the press, have to tread much more carefully now that criminal proceedings are live.  It is unlikely that David Cameron will make much of a, if any, statement any time soon.  However, this latest step will certainly not be welcome in number 10 and will begin to make things very uncomfortable for the Prime Minister.

It remains to be said, although it should not need to, that Andy Coulson remains innocent and is absolutely entitled to a fair trial.  Any comments posted below that could threaten that will be removed or redacted as appropriate.


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