Police Officer released pending appeal

Last week at Glasgow Sheriff Court a former Police Constable was sentenced to 12 months in custody after she failed to arrest a man who was attempting to break into a Chinese restaurant in Kirkintilloch.  She was today released from Cornton Vale Prison by Lord Woolman pending an appeal against her sentence.

Police Constable Michele Selby decided not to arrest a man in Kirkintilloch last year because she was on her way to another call.  That call was simply to deliver mail to another police office and was not a call for police assistance from a member of the public.

Selby discovered the man with a tool bag containing a small number of tools at 5:30am and said in court that she believed him to be fixing the door.  This was despite conducting background checks on the man which revealed that he had six previous convictions, including one for a similar offence.

Defence Advocate, Paul McBride QC, told the High Court in Edinburgh that Selby did not intend on challenging the conviction.