Scotland’s Police on standby over riots in England

Scotland’s eight police forces are on standby to provide support to officers in England should they be required to tackle the civil disorder that has been witnessed over the past three nights.  As riots spread beyond London to Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Liverpool the Prime Minister has cut his holiday short to chair an emergency COBRA meeting and Parliament is to be recalled over the issue.

It is understood that no formal request has been made to any of Scotland’s Police forces to provide support, however, the Chief Constables in Scotland have been in touch with their colleagues in England pledging support if it is required.

It has also been confirmed that Strathclyde Police have arrested a 16-year-old in relation to Glasgow riot Facebook page.  It is understood that Strathclyde Police have no intelligence that there is planned civil disorder in the city.

Police in Glasgow are said to be ready for any event that might occur and are monitoring the situation.