Happy Birthday

Today marks the end of my third year of blogging and what a three years it has been!  Through blogging and the wider social media world I have met so many great people and experienced things that I would not have otherwised experienced.  There have been some downsides to blogging, but the ups definatley outweigh the downs.

My social media presence in that time has expanded from one blog (this one) to three blogs, two podcast streams, twitter and plans to enter into the world of vlogging (whenever I get round to getting myself something with which I can video myself).

Anyway, I do not plan to be dissapearing from the social media world anytime soon and look forward to seeing what my fourth year of blogging brings.  Thank you for reading, especially my many rants, and I hope that you will be sticking around with me for the next year!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Oh wow, three years! Awesome! Of course we’ll be sticking with you… you’re one of the few serious bloggers! 😉

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