Managed Anoerxia and the Size Zero Pill

I’ve posted a theological outlook on the problem that is @MrKennethTong here, but now I wish to look at it in a more legalistic way using the Scottish legal system as  a basis for my post.

The wonderful Jack of Kent blog has already raised the matter of this series of tweets:

I don’t propose to say anything on the matter of what these tweets could mean as I do not think I could add anything to what has already been said in the blog post linked to above.

Tong has mentioned his wealth on several occasions, but while doing some research on him in preparation for the blog posts I intended to write I have found numerous stories suggesting that he may not be as well off as he suggests (or once was).

I’m not much of a fan of the tabloid newspapers, but when it comes to finding out about minor celebrities and former reality television “stars” they really do come into their own.  In July 2005 The Sun carried an article that contained two interesting things:

1)      That Tong owed money to a charity from a charity auction (I have been unable to discover whether Tong has in fact paid this now or whether the money is still outstanding to the charity)

2)      That his friends claim he had fallen on some harder times

Now, I am under no illusions, these stories were post almost 18 months ago and in that time he could have built up some form of wealth, especially off the back of his brief appearance on Big Brother in 2009.

However, as interesting as it is looking into the public life of Kenneth Tong, this was not the purpose of this post.

As you will all know, if you read my blog regularly, I am a huge supporter of freedom of speech and will defend anyone’s right to express their views and ideas and that goes for Kenneth Tong.  He has a right to express his ideas and views about the size of people and his desire for everyone to be thin.  No matter how offensive someone is that is no reason for censoring them.

However, I do have great concern about the actual product and service which he is marketing.  Both, on the face of things, appear to fly in the face of all known scientific and medical knowledge based upon evidence gained from controlled experiments and I do wonder if this would be an avenue that could be used to prevent him from doing huge damage to the health of many people.  This is no lose a few pounds and drop a dress size…this is suggesting and helping adults to take their bodies down to the size and weight of an EIGHT YEAR OLD!