Blog Stats: A review of 2010

Here is a round-up from the stats from my blog.  This year has been the busiest year I have had traffic wise on my blog.  Since 1 January 2010 8,720 hits have been recorded.  The busiest month was October with 1,286 hits.

I have complied two lists, which I will present you with below.  The first list will be the top 10 posts published since 1 January 2010 while the second list will be the top 10 posts regardless of the date of publication.

Top 10 published in 2010

In May this year BBC Scotland aired the first two episodes of four in a series about life on a housing scheme in Kilmarnock.  The tenth most popular post published on my blog in 2010 was a critical look at “The Scheme” and was published on 28 May 2010.  The final two parts have yet to be aired having been frequently postponed due to criminal proceedings against “stars” of the series.  I suspect that they will be permanently postponed.

Coming in at number 9 was a post on the subject of the Diploma in Legal Practice and Traineeships in Scotland.  More specifically the lack of Traineeships compared to the number of Diploma places offered.

At number 8 is the first of many posts to feature in the top 10 for this year.  One of the most important decisions impacting upon the Scottish Legal System came in October 2010 from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in London.  The case of course was Cadder v Her Majesty’s Advocate.  This is one of the many posts I published on the blog about the case and was published on 30 June regarding the general subject of access to solicitors while in police custody in Scotland.

At number 7 was a post relating to the issue of Television Cameras in Court and was published on 15 January 2010.

At number six is a second post on the case of HMA v Cadder.  This post was relating to the interim guidance issued by the Lord Advocate on the subject of access to Solicitors pending the decision of the UK Supreme Court.

At number 5 is a post on the General Election that took place in May, specifically relating to whether a Hung Parliament would have been a good thing or not.  This post was published on 20 April 2010.  This of course was prior to the election and before we knew the result.  The post was titled Hung Parliament:  Good or Bad?.

At number four is a third post on the case of HMA v Cadder.  This time written following the decision of the Supreme Court and published on 27 October 2010.  This post was titled Police Detention in Scotland: after Cadder.

At number three is a post on Jon Venables.  This post was published on 8 March 2010 and was concerned with why his new identity should remain a secret following his recall to prison.

The post at number two was published when I still wrote under a pseudonym and was published on 26 March 2010.  There isn’t much detail to it; in fact it is simply a copy of a letter I received from the UK Border Agency.   The post was titled UK Border Agency Letter

There is little surprise as to what is at the top of this list.  One of my many posts on the subject of Cadder v Her Majesty’s Advocate is the most popular post of 2010 on my blog that was published during the course of the year.  This particular post was published on 18 September 2010, before the judgment of the court was issued in October.

Top 10 posts of 2010

This list is based on 2010 hit stats and includes posts published at any time during the period of time this blog has been running.

At number 10 is my post looking at the issue of Television Cameras in Court.  The post was published on 15 January 2010.

The post at number 9 was published on 16 June 2010 and is on Lord Advocate’s Interim Guidance on Access to a Solicitor by Suspects.

At number 8 was my post on whether a hung Parliament was a good or bad thing.  It was published on 16 June 2010.

At number 7 was my post on the matter of Police detention in Scotland: after Cadder.  Published: 27 October 2010.

At number 6 was my 8 March 2010 post on Jon Venables.

At number 5 is a post which I published on 27 March 2009 answering the question “is a paracentamol overdose quick?”.

At number 4 is my post titled “Guide to Prison Officer Selection Process: SPS”. This was published on 29 August 2009 and was based on my very nearly successful application to the Scottish Prison Service for a position as a Prison Officer.

At number 3 was that March 2010 response from the UK Border Agency to a letter I had previously sent them.  This post was published on 26 March 2010.

At number 2 is my September 2009 post on Cadder v Her Majesty’s Advocate.  The date of publication was 18 September 2010.

At number 1 is a post I published on 15 November 2008 on Breach of the Peace.  It is the most viewed post on my blog ever and is visited on a near daily basis, normally by way of a search engine.

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