Week 6

So this week has been a nightmare of a week.  I have had two pieces of written work to submit (one of which contributes towards my grade directly and the other indirectly) and a group presentation to prepare for.

Now, those of you who have been following my tweets will be aware of what’s happened regarding the presentation, but for those of you who have not here is the low down on the disaster.

Last week I received communication from my group presentation partners that they were beginning to get worried as we had not yet met regarding the presentation.  I wasn’t overly worried as it’s not the most complex pieces of work in the world:  three people to prepare and deliver as 5-7 minute presentation on a given case.  We arranged to meet on Wednesday this week, and that’s where the nightmare started.

We had arranged to meet at 11:30 on the Tuesday morning.  As I was making my way into University I received a text saying they’d over-slept and it would now be 12:30 before they got in.  Fair enough, we all run late from time to time so I altered my plans and arrived at the University at 12:30 – they eventually turned up at 1pm.  We located a room to do some work in and it was then they announced they hadn’t even read the case (in fact they hadn’t even pulled it from Westlaw).  So I gave them a quick rundown of the case and we agreed who would do what.  They left saying they would read the case that evening and we would meet up the next day after the lecture we have in common.

We’re now on Wednesday and I fail to see them in the lecture.  I take my seat in the middle and the lecture begins.  The two hours pass and as I’m packing up I still don’t see them there.  As I leave the lecture theatre my phone goes off with a text saying they wouldn’t be coming in at all that day.  Great!  So, some texts go back and forward and we agree to meet at 1pm on Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours before my class at 3.

Along comes Thursday and at about 12:15 I get a text saying they now wouldn’t be in until 2:30.  I send them a text back reminding them that I have a class at 3, so 2:30 isn’t really a suitable time.  More texts go back and forth and we agree to meet at 9am on Friday (3 hours BEFORE the presentation) – by this point I am somewhat glad that I spent Wednesday evening preparing material as a last resort for the entire group so that we would at least have something to present!  I make it clear in my texts that I’m not impressed and that they had better not be late in the morning as to get to the University for 9 it means getting up at 6 and leaving just before 7.

I type this on Thursday afternoon so, whether they turn up or not (on time) is still to be discovered.

My essay has also been a bit of a nightmare.  I finished it in plenty of time and had edited it and such like.  I left the house in time to get onto campus with a hard copy of my essay.  I get to the train station and onto the train and bring out some work I still had to complete for the same module.  It is then as I’m flicking through the booklet and suddenly I remember:  my new University requires both electronic and hard copies to be submitted by the deadline (my last University required you to make available, upon request, an electronic copy of the essay – usually only requested if they suspected you of some kind of academic misconduct).  I then remember that my electronic copy is on a USB stick at home.  Panic sets in – I simply don’t have time to get off the train at the next stop to get home to collect it and get back to the University by the deadline of 12 noon.

My (computer illiterate) mother is at home and I decide the only option I have is to phone my mum and see if she’d be willing to attach the file to an E-mail and send it to me.  When I phone her she freaks out as she has no idea what I’m on about.  So I spend the next 30 minutes taking her step-by-step through the process of retrieving the file from my USB stick and attaching it to a blank E-mail…thankfully it works!

The next problem is that the building in which the bulk of the Law School is situated has no student IT access, for that (and most classes) we need to head to one of the main buildings on campus – they are a good 10 minutes away from each other).  So, I arrived on campus 35 minutes prior to the deadline and begin the inevitable hunt for a computer that’s not being used!  I was lucky; as I entered the library FIVE became available all at once.  This saved me a huge amount of time (and never normally happens).  In the end I managed to submit both the electronic and hard copies with 15 minutes to spare.  Not the closest to the deadline I’ve ever submitted an essay (once submitted one with literally a matter of seconds to spare!)

It’s the “Mid semester break” next week, which means no classes (and for most students, except Law and Nursing students, a full week of relaxation).  However, I have two essays due in during the first half of the following week and an abundance of reading left to do, so I’ll be kept pretty busy.

Despite all the stress, drama and long days I’m still enjoying every minute of my Law degree and being back at University!

One thought on “Week 6

  1. bad luck… sounds like the other members of your group are a bunch of numpties. You should give them a slap tomorrow morning – whether they turn up or not! :p

    Re. electronic copies of work, you should try using live mesh or dropbox and keep all of your work for your course in sync on the pcs you use and the cloud – meaning you’ll always have a remote copy backed, should the unthinkable happen. You could have signed in at uni and there would have been your paper ready to download and submit. 🙂

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