Week 5

Well another week has flown past and it is now half way through the semester (another 5 weeks of teaching left)!  The workload is starting to get even heavier with essay deadlines beginning to arrive which have to be worked in amongst the usual reading and seminar prep!

I somehow thought I would have more time to blog when back at University than I did when I was working full-time, but the reality is I’m no better off on the time front.  I have been composing draft blog posts as and when I get the opportunity, but they are still some way from being complete and ready for publishing!

Regardless of time I’ve always found the time to tweet and today I tweeted out some pictures from the University, such as pictures of the beautiful and rather old building where the School of Law is based as well as a picture looking over the campus.

I’m really appreciating the campus here at The University of Stirling; it is simply a beautiful place to study.  It’s only about a 10 minute bus journey from the centre of Stirling, but is really quite peaceful and quiet – to the point you can forget how close to Stirling you are!  The campus is dominated by the Wallace Monument which you can see from anywhere you are outside on Campus and it sits on a hill overlooking the campus.  The campus is also surrounded by hills and when the sun is out is simply a spectacular place to be!  I will, at some point over the course of the next three years, get my camera up here and get some proper shots of the campus – maybe during the summer holidays when it’s less busy and the weather is most likely to be suited to showing off the true beauty of the campus.

The loch in the middle of the campus provides relief when stressed.  It’s a really nice and calming walk round it and the views you can get are, once again, spectacular.  I’m sure I’ll make use of that walk many times over the next few years (especially around exam time).

I’ve noticed over the last 5 weeks that we have a large number of Canadians studying here at the University of Stirling, most of who appear to be studying the accelerated LLB (having qualified in Canada first).  They have some interesting perspectives, but do sometimes seem to confuse Scots Law with the Law of Canada.  I mention this because I am curious as to why there so many of them are here.  I know the University has links to a number of Canadian Universities for exchanges lasting a semester or a full year, but as far as I’m aware these guys are not on an exchange and are looking to fully qualify and practice here in Scotland (I will need to do a bit of asking to find out more I think).

I have an essay due in next week for my Delict module looking at the development of the law in the area of establishing the existence of a duty of care since the famous case of Donoghue v Stevenson.  It’s not due in until Thursday, but my plan is to finish it on Saturday (I’ve only another 300 words or so left to write) and then go back and reflect on it Monday or Tuesday with the view to having it submitted on Wednesday.

Mooting is about to get underway for this year.  I’ve decided not to take part this year as I want to focus on getting back into the swing of studying and University life after a break which effectively lasted two years.  The experiences I’ve had with mooting in the past have been fantastic and I will definitely be getting involved next year!

Mid semester break is coming up, but it won’t be much of a holiday.  With the lengthy Christmas break we get here (as a result of starting back a few weeks ahead of everyone else and our exams being before Christmas) I’ve decided to spend the week focusing on consolidating the first 6 weeks of classes and completing the two essays I have due on the 1st and 3rd November.  Most people say I’m mad, but the way I view it, with us not returning until the middle of February there is a decent opportunity between the two semesters to recharge the batteries.  Also, with this large break being between Semesters I will be able to enjoy it as I won’t have that feeling that I have work I could be doing niggling away in the back of my mind resulting in a less enjoyable week off.

I will of course comment on the Chancellor’s speech in the Commons following the UK Spending Review next week and the decision in Cadder v HMA (which is expected on the same days as the results of the UK Spending Review!)

That’s all for now folks!

2 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. It sounds like you’re being as diligent as ever and enjoying it which the crucial thing! 🙂 How are you finding contract law this time around – I know it was the bane of your life before? :-\

    “The loch in the middle of the campus provides relief when stressed.” That’s one way of putting it … I’m sure the groundsman has found a couple of over-stressed law students floating face-down in there over the years!

    Good luck with your essay for next week! 🙂

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