It’s good to be back

Well after what has effectively been a two year break from full-time education I have returned to University this week.  My first classes were timetabled for today and it meant an early start (which I’m not used to).  I was up and out of the house by 7:30 (my normal time for getting up when I was working for the energy supply company was 9:15!).  It’s going to take a bit of time I think to get back into a “normal” day rather than the life of a permanent backshift worker!

From my experience today I think I will be leaving earlier as I only just made it to the lecture on time this morning.  The train was 5 minutes late then I forgot to factor in the fact that the bus route to Campus passes a rather large secondary school, so in the run-up to 9am the road is very congested with the “school run” folk dropping people off at school.

It is possible to walk to the University from the train station, but it takes about 40 minutes and when you arrive in Stirling 30 minutes before your lecture you simply don’t have time to walk it.  Leaving for the earlier train (07:35 rather than 08:05) will mean I won’t have the traffic problems and risk missing the last bus that will get me onto campus on time in the event that the train is a bit later than it was today.  It will also mean that I can save myself some money and walk it to Campus (with the added bonus of some free exercise).

The two lectures I had today were okay, the usual “housekeeping” stuff relating to the module and then some time spent on formation of a contract and inthe second lecture the law of agency was the topic of discussion (both topics I know inside out – it’s the latter stuff in Contract law that gets me frustrated – ironically including frustration of a contract).

There was some confusion which provided a bit of entertainment during my second lecture today.  A group of about 7 or 8 first years clearly had not read everything properly and turned up for a second year module.  The Law School had helpfully sent out an information leaflet to all undergraduate law students with the details of each module running this semester (basic information such as who the module co-ordinator is, the date of the first lecture and seminar and such like).  This group of first year students clearly hadn’t read the leaflet properly and thought they had to attend all the lectures on the list (how they thought they were going to successfully study and pass 12 modules in one semester I doubt I’ll ever know).

I had forgotten the amount of work involved!  I remember there being a lot of reading and research required, but not this much.  Nonetheless I absolutely love being back and can’t wait to get stuck in to all this reading I have to do!

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  1. Great to hear that you’re enjoying being back in the swing of things after your break from uni.

    Let’s hope things continue to go smoothly for you! 🙂

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