New Academic Year

I now know what my entire degree programme is going to consist of when I return to University in September.  Next year I have the fun of Contract Law (my arch nemesis), Delict (Tort for you English lot) and Commercial Law I in the first Semester.  The second semester brings with it the joys of Family Law, Criminal Law and Trusts and Successions.

I’ve discovered I’ll also be studying an entire module on Competition Law (oh how I’m looking forward to that; not) and I have the option to study a module on Forensic Psychology (that could be very interesting indeed).

I am quite looking forward to getting back into full time study in September.  However, I am also anxious as I’ll have been out of full time study for two years (and haven’t really done any study at all for one year) by the time I return.

2 thoughts on “New Academic Year

  1. Great news Oliver!

    I’m sure you’ll conquer contract law this time! 🙂

    And don’t worry about having been out of full-time study for a while… it quickly all comes back!

  2. Oliver, that is great news. Sounds like an interesting programme. And forensic psychology sounds very interesting, we never had options like that. Don’t worry about getting back into FT studying, when I went back to it after a year a couple of weeks in and it was like I never left, and you’ve got the opportunity to be better prepared this time round and to conquer the contracts.

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