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I’ve been rather quiet of late, but I have been really busy with work.  However, I have been busy hatching a plan with regards to my degree.

A friend of mine suggested applying to a University closer to home to see if they would accept me directly into second year in order to finish my degree closer to home given all the health problems I’ve suffered over the last few years.  This friend happened to work in the Undergraduate Admissions department of a University which would fit those criteria nicely.  So, he went about finding out how possible that would be and gave me the names and numbers of the people in the know to contact.

I contacted these people in the know who said it would be possible and the fact that the UCAS deadline had already passed wouldn’t be too much of an issue as my application was for second year entry.  So, I sought references for the University, got a reference from work and got a UCAS application in within a few days of having that conversation.

Today, I received a phone call from this University who advised me that they want to make me an offer, but can’t until their “Deviant Timetable Committee” has met to agree to my proposed timetable.  Although I’ll be second year, due to differences in teaching schedules between this University and Anytown University my first year at the new University (i.e. Second Year) will be made up of modules from First and Second Year.

Having spoken to my friend, who no longer works for the Undergraduate Admissions Office (temp job) I have been informed that 99% of the time this is just a pointless exercise (and because they’ve actually phoned to tell me this) and that I should receive a formal offer in the post and through UCAS shortly after the “Deviant Timetable Committee” has met (who are due to meet on 22 March 2010).

There are many advantages to this.  Firstly, I’ll be living at home meaning my debt will be far smaller than had I continued to study away from home.  Secondly, I’ll avoid having to do a part-time year via Distance Learning and finally I’ll graduate 2 years ahead of when I would have had I continued studying at Anytown University.  I suppose one could add to that having family close by means that if things do start to suffer health wise I have a much better support network available.

I know that SAAS do fund the same year twice if it is a full year and is on medical grounds.  I’m hoping that because my application to study at another University was based on medical grounds will mean that they’ll fund the full three years that I’m studying there.  If not, I am in a position to get the money to pay fees for the 2010/2011 academic year.

So, yes, all very exciting (for me at least)

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  1. That’s great news Oliver… I was sure you’d be back to finish your degree at some point! 🙂

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