Some of you may have noticed some downtime on my blog today. This was due to the representatives of Elish Angiolini QC, Lord Advocate, requesting that my blog be suspended due to an alleged terms of service violation.

The violation related to an article that I published in good faith regarding alleged actions taken by the Lord Advocate in regards to her previous position as an area Procurator Fiscal.

This was published in good faith based upon information obtained from a legal magazine of a good reputation as well as other sources. It has since been shown that these allegations were false.

Ms Angiolini was not involved and this was, I believe, implicate in the original article. I did note that the Ms Angiolini was appointed after the decision was taken, but that those reporting the alleged crimes were contesting this. The purpose of my article was not intended to damage or impugn the reputation of Elish Angiolini, Queens Counsel. I never believed that Ms Angiolini QC was involved in such a cover-up and I felt that it was a significant story in which the timeline of events were unclear.

That aside, I have been informed that these allegations were unfounded and have removed the article in question. It was not my intention to cause Ms Angiolini any distress, defame her character in any way or lead people to believe or think that Ms Angiolini was in fact involved in these activities. If this has happened, then, I sincerely apologise for this.

My blog is purely a place for my ramblings and where I post legal, political and other stories that have grabbed my interest or attention and I always publish things in good faith. I shall continue to publish in good faith and correct inaccuracies where they are identified. I always try to act in a way that is fair, reasonable and reliable and to my regular readers I apologise for falling far short of my usual high standards on this occasion.

4 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. You’ve always struck me as a responsible, fastidious blogger and if your (reputable) source got it wrong in this instance, you are hardly at fault. As you pointed out — many times 🙂 — you published in good faith, swiftly took action when you were notified about it and subsequently apologised. You can’t do more than that, Oliver! 🙂

  2. Thanks Michael.

    Indeed there isn’t much more I can do than that.

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