Recently I have been having some doubts about my decision not to continue with Law.  Thankfully I only suspended my course rather than withdrawing from it (I had intended on withdrawing, but right at the last minute decided to tick “suspend” rather than “withdraw” on the form), so at least if I do decided that it was the wrong decision I can still go back!

The doubts really started to creep in today.  My mum is currently serving as a Juror and she was too scared to go to Court on her own today, so I accompanied her and went in and sat in on the Summary Court (no jury so no chance of me accidentally being in the same court room as my mum).  I was sitting watching the Solicitor’s do their stuff and began to think if I had made the right decision regarding university.  I know that taking a year out was the right thing – gives me a chance to re-focus and get better, but do I actually want to change course or were my health issues having too much of an impact upon my thoughts?  I’m not so sure.

Last week, while walking the dog, I was thinking that if I studied Social Work and began working as a Social Worker I would no doubt find myself in court giving evidence on numerous occasions.  I couldn’t help think that I might stand in the witness box regretting my decision not to give Contract Law a final go and how I could have maybe been on the other side of the witness box – the one asking the questions!

So, I’m giving a lot of thought about whether to apply through UCAS for social work starting 2010 or whether to go back in 2010 and give Contract Law one final bash.