Expenses row: MP says it’s “none of your business”

A conservative MP who was expected by party Leader David Cameron to pay back £25,000 following the expenses scandal that hit Westminster earlier this year. Today, it was revealed that she has admitted to not having yet paid back the money and telling a journalist that it was none of his business if she had or not.

Eleanor Laing MP, a senior Conservative MP, made the remark to a reporter for the free national “Metro” newspaper, a comment which I suspect will outrage the electorate.

The money we are talking about here belongs to public funds and as such is very much the business of the public. It is money that she was not entitled to and rightfully belongs to the taxpayer. MPs are entitled to some level of privacy, but when the issue is one involving taxpayers money, then the public have every right to know.

One thought on “Expenses row: MP says it’s “none of your business”

  1. Like you, I also spotted this in the Metro, Oliver, and thought it would go down like a lead balloon. Talk about making things worse for yourself. Crazy comment.

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