Serach terms

Following on from Android and Michael’s search terms, here are some of mine for the last month.  Mine are not very funny, some are concerning and the vast majority of the search terms over the last month have been related to compassion within Scots Law and the release of the Lockerbie bomber:

“lord gill’s icl disaster” – I wonder what an ICL disaster is…  I’m assuming this relates to Lord Gill’s report into the ICL Stockline Plastics explosion in 2004, published earlier this year.

“i failed my law exams” – join the club…

“scots law exam” – there are many, which one are you wanting to know about?

“how should i pass my contract law exam?” – revising usually works, but given I’ve failed it twice if you discover the secret then please let me know

“paracetamol overdose” – Once again, this is very bad.  Do not attempt it, yes, put the paracetamol down.  Thank you.

“will a cold get me out of prison early?” – No, it won’t.  Not unless the cold has somehow mutated into a terminal illness.

“is killing the Queen treason?” – Do I really need to answer that one?  Yes, it is.

“what is a perverse verdict?” Well, let’s see…a verdict that is perverse maybe?

“scottish government plural” There is only one of them, thankfully.

“scottish criminal justice jury system” – all criminal trials tried on indictment have a jury of 15

“america annoyed with lockerbie bombers release” – they can be annoyed all they want, not their decision and I don’t really care.

“is it scottish law to let sick prisoners go?” – The terminally ill ones with three months or less to live yes, otherwise no.

“parole board rules for compassionate release” – They have none – the decision falls to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

“is torture fun?” – I wouldn’t image so…

My most read post of the last month has been my post on whether changes are needed to the rules and laws on compassionate release from prison

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