What Next? (Part 1)

I have some thoughts about my immediate future.

At the moment, I think the best thing for me to do is to move back to my Parents’ house in Homecity and seek full time employment, on a temporary basis anyway.  I know that I want to return to Anytown in the near future.  Moving home would allow me to get my finances sorted out quicker and easier.

As far as University is concerned, I still have (under the Academic Regulations) one further attempt at my Contract Law module.  At this moment in time I am not in a position to re-do that semester again.  Here I have the option to defer for a year and hopefully in that year I will have been able to get my life sorted out to the point that I could afford to have that final attempt at the exam.  Or I could just give up and withdraw totally from university and figure out what else to do with my life.

I hate all this uncertainty.

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