Referendum on Scottish Independence

The Scottish Government have announced their legislative programme for the 2009/2010 parliamentary year.  One of the bills on the list is an Independence Referendum.

This is going to be an exciting 12 – 18 months in Scottish Politics.  I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Referendum on Scottish Independence

  1. I doubt it will happen if it does it would be suicidal for the Scottish economy it’s already weak and suffering bad. I can’t see how going independent would help it out. Also Scotland be truly on its on with respect to international alliances, so the close relationship with America we have or the Common wealth? An wouldn’t Defence also be weak in Scotland, yet there’s alot of Army personnel in Scotland but when Scotland leaves the UK I would imagine alot of it being transferred? I don’t know a lot on the subject just some thoughts though.

  2. I’m a unionist through and through and couldn’t agree more.

    The reason I am so excited about this battle is that the Scottish People will show the SNP that they are wrong and it will more or less put independence to bed for a generation.

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