Changes to Scotland’s Judicial System…when?

The new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has not yet began sitting, but already it has made a blunder (or rather the civil servants attached to the court have).

On one of the pages on its website there is a diagram of how the UK Supreme Court fits into the legal systems of the United Kingdom.  However, it would appear that the civil servants need to make themselves more familiar with the Scottish Legal system. There are a number of errors.

The first one is in the case of tribunals.  I have yet to come across a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction in Scots Law.  The diagram also fails to recognise tribunals as having civil jurisdiction.

Secondly, according to the Supreme Court website the Sheriff Principal has jurisdiction in criminal appeals – this is news to me.

There appears that the Outer House of the Court of Session no longer exists and that the Inner House of the Court of Session has suddenly gained criminal jurisdiction.

It would also appear the High Court of Justiciary has changed its name to the High court of the Justiciary (presumably for naughty judges).

At least they remembered that criminal appeals stop in Scotland and that the UK Supreme Court will have no criminal jurisdiction over Scotland.

Hopefully the two Scottish Justices will keep their fellow justices right with regards to the Scottish Legal System.