Prison Service Application Update

Well, today I received a letter from the Scottish Prison Service.  It read:

Thank you for submitting our Written Exercise as part of the Prison Officer (operations) recruitment process.

I am pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed stage 3, Written Exercise and we would now like to invite you to attend an Assessment Centre.

So, next Wednesday at 9am I start a 3 and a half hour Assessment Centre with the Scottish Prison Service, which comprises the formal interview (panel of 3), a verbal comprehension test, a numerical reasoning test and the dreaded fitness test.

It is the fitness test that I am most worried about; going by the practice papers for the two tests they are pretty easy.  The fitness test comprises of the bleep test (something which I thought I’d left behind me at school), upper body strength assessment (holding onto a “violent prisoner”) and a mile and a quarter run (for which one has 10 minutes)

So, yeah, I am totally hyper at the minute.  What started out as some random, un thought out job application has now turned into something serious that I actually want and will be devastated if I do not get it!  I was literally bouncing off the walls when I read the letter!