Contract Law Exam

Well, my Contract Law exam is over and I am relieved.  Now all I have to do is wait and see what happens.  I’m not all that confident that I’ll have passed the exam, and if by some miracle I do, I will only have just scraped a pass (which is better than a fail I suppose).

The exam was tough and didn’t really match up what I had studied.  I think I’ve done really well in one question, okay in a second and will probably only pick up a few marks out of the third question (I just didn’t know enough for any of the remaining 3 choices, so just had to pick the one I knew most about, which was no where near enough to get a pass grade for that particular question, but so long as the few marks I’ll pick up there get e a pass grade for the exam I’ll be happy).

I should have the results in a few weeks time.  So, here goes the beginning of the nerve-wracking wait.  I’m back at work tomorrow, which I’m not looking forward to, but at least for 15 hours a week my mind will be taken off my exam results.

Anyway, just thought I should update you.  I have some rather boring ironing to do and then I think I’m going to go out cycling (it’s a lovely day).

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