Law of Contract


In under two weeks I am due to re-sit my contract law exam, which I have to pass otherwise I will not be allowed to progress into my third year.

Please forgive me if I disappear off the twitter and blogging sphere during this period as I frantically try to get to grips with the delights of restrictive covenants, the wonders of remedies for breach of contract, the fantastic topic that is Unfair terms in contracts (I’m sure you can detect the sarcasm in my writing).

5 thoughts on “Law of Contract

  1. Hey, good luck with the exams, I failed contract too, but got thru it in the end. just keep at it and don’t worry too much. 🙂

  2. Good Luck! I nearlyyyy failed contract the first time round, I’m not sure how I actually did pass it (my answer to everything was this is obviously to do with consideration and misrepresentation)

    Its scots law of contract signficantly different to English Law contract? I did quite a bit of mooting on it this year, so know bits of it quite well if you need a hand 🙂

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