Trial date set for Sheridan

Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan and his wife Gail yesterday (Monday) plead Not Guilty to charges of perjury.  A trial date has been set for 11 January 2010 at the High Court sitting in Glasgow.

The charges relate to Mr Sheridan’s case against the News of the World a couple of days ago.  He sued the News of the World, successfully, over allegations made about him visiting swingers clubs and him using drugs whilst in Manchester.  The judge sitting in the Court of Session involved the police because clearly one side or the other was knowingly committing perjury.   The News of the World came into possession of evidence which backed up their original claims following Mr Sheridan’s win.  The compensation is still outstanding as the News of the World is appealing the outcome of the initial case, but this cannot take place until after the perjury trial.