Clearing 2009

In a matter of weeks nervous 17 and 18 year old will receive their exam results which will determine the University they go to and what course they will study while they are there.  However, a row has erupted between Scotland and England over clearing.

Clearing is for teenagers who fail to meet the requirements of their Firm and Insurance choices which they made during the UCAS process.  Clearing is a list of courses still with space which students can, if they have the required grades, apply to study.

Due to the differences in the school year between Scotland and England, Scottish students have traditionally received their results prior to their English counterparts.  However, it is usually only a matter of two or three days.  This year, however, Scottish applicants will receive their results just over two weeks ahead of their English counterparts sparking fear that this will mean a poorer selection of courses for English students.

Due to the recession the numbers applying to university and college this year has dramatically increased meaning that there is already a shortage of places at universities and colleges for the numbers who are applying.

Is this really an issue or is it simply down to the old Scottish/English rivalry which sees each of these two nations of the UK fight over who is the most hard done by in the Union?